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AOL Artists Launch Ten New Canvases

Aug 29, 2012

From painters to sculptors, join us as we welcome five new artists into the AOL Artists program. Erika Somogyi, Jessica Snow, Lauren Cotton, Matt W. Moore, and Rebeca Raney have created ten new canvases which launched today on

Erika Somogyi, a Brooklyn-based artist, creates complex sculptures and paintings that are both beautiful and fun. Rebeca Raney, another Brooklyn-based artist, creates work of a similar nature, using paint and sculpture to create work that is exciting and playful. The two actually met prior to joining the AOL Artists community while exhibiting at Monya Rowe Gallery. Jessica Snow, a San Francisco-based artist, is known for her colorful geometric paintings and installations. Her most recent group exhibition included the work of renowned artists such as Ellsworth Kelly and Sol LeWitt. Lauren Cotton, a Connecticut-based artist, creates large-scale installations out of neon tape. Her work has been exhibited at multiple galleries along the East Coast. Matt W Moore, based in Portland, Maine, creates work that spans a multitude of disciplines. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally. We are thrilled to have such an eclectic group of creatives join the AOL Artists community.

Want to make one of the new canvases your background on Click for Tree Stump, Blue Mountains, Volcano, Petals, Triangles, Geode, Pixel, Dazzle, Ghost, or Snowman.