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AOL Artists Honors Veteran's Day With a Special Canvas by Jorge Colombo

Nov 12, 2012

Honor Veteran's Day this year with "Bugle," a canvas created by new AOL Artist Jorge Colombo. The piece debuted Friday afternoon on, and a video of "Bugle" coming to life will play on Taxi TV in 7 cities through the weekend.
Jorge Colombo's work is created by finger painting with the iPhone and iPad. In 2009, the New Yorker featured one of his illustrations on their cover, making Jorge the first illustrator using iPhone as a medium to be featured in a major magazine. Two years later, the book "New York: Finger Paintings by Jorge Colombo," containing one hundred landscapes created on an iPhone, plus essays by Jen Bekman, Christoph Niemann, and JC, was published.

Jorge Colombo has been on our radar for a long time and we are thrilled to have him join the AOL Artists community! Want to make Bugle your background on Click here.