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AOL Artists Celebrate the Leap Year with New Canvas

Feb 29, 2012

In celebration of Leap Year, is featuring the newest canvas,"366 People," by London-based AOL Artist Harry Malt. "366 People" is featured on Harry's profile page as an exciting animated video. Harry has been an active member of the AOL Artist community since 2009 when he created "Pile" for AOL's first canvas collection. When he is not creating work for AOL, he is adding incredible drawings daily to his popular blog "Harry Malt Draws Pictures." To learn more about Harry Malt, visit his AOL Artists page.

AOL is supporting the artistic community by actively commissioning artists from around the world to create the visual identity behind our brand. We are showcasing their work globally and our artist community is growing daily as we continue to discover talented individuals to work with. We launched the AOL Artists site in May 2010 to showcase the incredible talent that is behind our brand. To date, we have worked with 91 artists and commissioned 227 pieces of art as canvases to be featured attached to our brand identity. With the AOL Artists program, we are empowering artists, creativity and innovation.