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AOL Artists Celebrate Father's Day with New Canvases

Jun 15, 2012

Join us as we welcome Marco Cibola and Christine Berrie to the AOL Artists program with two new canvases, Bicycle and Catch, which celebrate Father's Day. Marco is an Ontario-based artist whose stunning graphic art and portraiture have appeared in publications such as Time Magazine, The New York Times and Nylon. When approached to create a canvas in honor of Father's Day, Marco leapt at the opportunity and created Bicycle, a piece that is both masculine and cheerful.

Christine, a UK-based artist, approached creating the canvas Catch with the same enthusiasm, as the piece is both nostalgic and fun. Christine's beautiful hand-rendered illustrations have been featured in publications such as The Guardian, Esquire, and Time Out. We are thrilled to have such beautiful permanent additions to the AOL Canvas collection.

Want to make one of the new canvases your background on Click here for Bicycle or here for Catch.