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AOL Announces "11 Days That Shaped 2011"

Dec 8, 2011

What day mattered most to you in the last twelve months?

Today AOL unveiled the "11 Days That Shaped 2011"- a look back at the year's defining events from the perspective of what our 98 million daily readers were discussing, commenting on, and sharing on and our media properties including The Huffington Post, HuffPost Style, Moviefone and Engadget. As one of the world's largest digital media companies, we looked at the past year through our readers' eyes and found that they were most interested in the events that touched them emotionally.

Millions of people come to AOL every day seeking news, information and entertainment. The eleven days were selected based on the level of coverage they generated and the level of engagement they sparked. Each of the selected events engaged our readers on global, national and local levels as well as from multiple perspectives: from finance to technology and style to entertainment.

Explore how each of the days unfolded through the headlines, videos, articles, fast facts and personal reactions on our interactive experience, Vote and share your perspective on the days that impacted you most this year, and nominate days that didn't make AOL's list but made a mark on 2011.

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Through, is also publishing the defining moments of 2011 in key categories including news, auto, business, celebrities, divorce, race and culture, movies, music, parenting, politics, style, technology and the just plain weird, curated from editorial experts across our sites.