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AOL Ad Team Connects with Retailers

Mar 5, 2012

AOL Advertising's
Advance, Network and National West teams headed out to eTail West last week to network with more than 700 retail marketers. The show was a great opportunity to connect with existing clients as well as to take a first step towards entering the consideration set for new, potential clients.

The show featured a Personalization track for the workshops and several competitors showcased their relevant product offerings -- customized shopping experiences, personalized ads, and personalized searches.

Sachin Jogia, Senior Product Manger at AOL UK, recently discussed the evolution of dynamic creative optimization on the AOL Advertising Blog sharing how dynamically personalized ads emerged onto the display advertising scene and what the future possibilities can be:

"Online display ads have come a long way in the last 14 years since the birth of Dynamic Creative Optimization is one of the newest and (arguably) most interesting areas of the market today. But, how did we get here?

Here's a quick look back at the evolution of the online display landscape. In the early 1990's, banner ads were embedded into publishers' sites and a direct transaction happened between an advertiser and a publisher... then ad networks came along.

These ad networks, such as, provided the ability to serve the ads on behalf of the publisher and monetize their site for them, usually via a revenue-share agreement, ultimately delivering higher quality and broader reaching content which was optimized for each advertiser. This optimization was a revolution for online display advertising, as it gave advertisers insight into the channels that were performing well for them via a key metric known as the click-through rate."

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