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Announcing the Launch of Engadget Distro

Oct 12, 2011

The AOL Mobile and Engadget teams are excited to announce the launch of Engadget Distro, a weekly iPad magazine that brings readers the top tech news from the site each week in a beautiful, easy to read format.

The new app will provide more visibility for Engadget's longer-form articles including their product reviews. In addition, the weekly magazine will include a letter from the editor that will highlight the news of the week, a clickable table of contents that will lead readers directly to the stories they are most interested in and exclusive event coverage for major industry events.

Our team of designers and editors worked to assemble our best long-form feature content and reviews, re-wrapping it in a fashion that takes full advantage of a little thing called multitouch.

The end result is a really beautiful product that we hope will help Engadget reach a broader set of readers.

The app is available on iTunes now and will be available on other platforms soon.