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Announcing AOL Reader

Jun 24, 2013

For the last few weeks, we've been hard at work building what we believe will be the best RSS reader on the market. And today, we're excited to announce the launch of AOL Reader.

A Unique Perspective

At AOL, we have a unique perspective on RSS readers and content aggregation apps because we are a publisher of content as well. Our goal is to create the best possible experience for users who want to read the best content on their phone, tablet, or desktop computer, whenever and wherever they want.

Current RSS readers do reasonably well at aggregating content, but sometimes can cause information overload (only 995 unread articles today!) and present a tradeoff between user experience and revenue for the publisher (full text feeds vs. snippets of content that make you link out to read the full story). We're interested in helping adopt new ways to ensure that publishers -- both big and small -- continue to produce great content well into the future and simultaneously provide a better experience for our users.

AOL Reader Version 1

The first version of AOL Reader provides an outstanding reading experience across devices. It is a perfect upgrade for those of you who have been using Google Reader or other reader products.

We're committed to keeping the core RSS reading functionality free for our users. Other advanced features (e.g. search) may be available for a fee as we evolve the Reader.

Current features in version 1 include:

  • Seamless transition from Google Reader
  • Beautiful and intuitive user interface
  • Subscribe to any RSS feed
  • Works across Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile (HTML5, no plugins required)
  • Sharing with Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email
  • Save articles for later
  • Organize feeds by category or tag
  • API for developers and third party apps (available today, free during beta)
  • Sign in with your AOL, Google, Facebook, or Twitter account

Coming soon:

  • Native iOS and Android Apps
  • Export feeds to OPML
  • Sharing within AOL Reader and with other AOL Reader users
  • Integration with additional third party services
  • Search
  • Notifications
  • And a few secrets...

Version 1 of AOL Reader is all about getting the core functionality right, but there is a lot more to come in the near future. We can't wait to show you what we're up to. You can follow the latest product updates on the AOL Reader blog at

Try out AOL Reader today at