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ADTECH Implements New IAB OpenRTB Standard

Jan 25, 2012

ADTECH Implements New IAB OpenRTB Standard

ADTECH supports Real Time Bidding (RTB) business of its publisher and ad network clients.

Dreieich, 25 January 2012- ADTECH, a leading provider of ad serving technology and part of the AOL Group, has today announced that its ad management solution, ADTECH IQ, now complies with the IAB's (Interactive Advertising Bureau) OpenRTB standard. In addition, ADTECH is collaborating on these guidelines within the IAB's working group.

"The OpenRTB standard is the protocol of choice for us," said Mark Thielen, CTO at ADTECH. "It will ease interaction between our ad serving clients and RTB platforms through our ad server. For us it is a given that we are involved in the development of standards and that we work quickly to implement them into practical applications once they become available."

He continued: "From our perspective, agreeing common communication guidelines for the entire real time bidding sector is crucial because it makes workflow and procedures more transparent. It eases the exchange of data between all parties involved – from DSPs, SSP and ad servers – and enables effective collaboration.

"OpenRTB standards were created to unlock the growth potential in real-time bidding by providing a more efficient way for buyers and sellers to conduct business in the advertising marketplace," said Patrick Dolan, Executive Vice President and COO, IAB. "We applaud ADTECH IQ for being officially compliant with the standards, and we look forward to their participation in the IAB RTB working group. Their expertise and insights will prove invaluable as we continue to actively develop and promote OpenRTB standards throughout the ecosystem."

Standards are extremely important to ADTECH and the digital media industry as a whole since they ensure effective cooperation of our entire sector and make it more professional. ADTECH, as an international provider, will promote these standards worldwide to take them to the next level towards industry-wide adoption."

A detailed description of the OpenRTB standard can be found at the following website:


ADTECH is an international supplier of digital marketing solutions and is part of AOL Group. For more than 14 years, ADTECH has delivered digital marketing solutions around the globe. Its core product is the ad serving solution ADTECH IQ for display, video, mobile and rich media ads. It allows marketing specialists, agencies and advertisers to manage and evaluate these forms of advertising in one and the same booking environment. The adserver seamlessly integrates other applications, including sales management and business analytics.

According to OVK Adserver Benchmark, ADTECH adservers lead the way in speed and availability. ADTECH also provides high-quality customer service and local know-how. Its global customer base includes major players such as InteractiveMedia, BSkyB, Hi-media Deutschland and Gannett.

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