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Arlo Rose

General Manager, Alto

Arlo Rose is the General Manager, Product and Design Architect for AOL/Verizon’s Alto group.

Prior to AOL/Verizon, Arlo was VP of Design at Houzz where gave Houzz a unique visual voice though marketing and branding on the web and mobile. Arlo also served as VP Product for Home & TV at Nuance, and before that was the founder of Konfabulator, the first desktop widget platform (introduced in 2002), which was acquired by Yahoo! where he sculpted it into the Primetime Emmy Award winning Connected TV platform. Arlo also spent time at Apple in the mid-nineties, creating an updated user experience for the Mac OS, redefining Linux usability at Eazel, making web-based server administration easy to use at Sun and PGP, and creating a genre of computer and consumer electronic device customization where he was called "The grandfather of consumer customization" by Newsweek.