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Our business is open and global. We’re serious about reflecting this in the way we think, create and hire.

AOL strives to be an inclusive environment where employees, customers, and consumers can be who they are. We do this by empowering our talent to feel comfortable and confident in participating in building brands people love.


From employees to executives, it’s critical for inclusion and diversity to be woven into our culture and business practices. Attracting a workforce fueled by different ideas and perspectives helps us achieve our mission and is integral to AOL’s growth and success. We continually assess and improve our commitment to these values by:

Focusing on Culture
To foster a diverse and culturally engaged community, we’ve made it a top priority to integrate these values into AOL’s culture. Through recruiting, leadership engagement and employee development, we’re building an AOL that mirrors our consumers.

Creating Community Connections
We recognize the opportunity to extend our impact throughout the media and technology industries by living these values of inclusion and diversity. To that end, we’re creating platforms for awareness and connections including client initiatives and industry partnerships such as the IAB Education Foundation where we're helping build the first iDiverse directory, designed to promote diversity in the workforce through training, mentoring, recruiting, interviewing and placement services.

Empowering Future Leaders
Meaningful and sustained change requires empowering students of all ages and backgrounds to recognize the value of diversity and inclusion bring to workplaces and communities. Our youth engagement and internship programs are shaping future leaders by creating opportunities and sharing experiences that result in cultivating positive social change.

AOL recognizes our responsibility to our employees, communities, partners and customers to foster inclusion and diversity in our workplace. By creating culture and programs that support these values, we’re working to ensure their impact long term.

“For the first time in U.S. history, the majority of K-12 students are minorities; this is our future workforce. Collectively as an industry we need to connect with all of our customers, and ensure that our workforce reflects the world in which we operate. The establishment of iDiverse will put the pipeline of talent in the digital media and marketing arena on a path of growth in lockstep with our audience and build a strong and robust ecosystem.”

– Tim Armstrong, AOL Chairman and CEO

AOL Identity Day
AOL Identity Day shines a bright light on the real meaning of inclusion and diversity. When we welcome different perspectives, we open up new possibilities. On AOL Identity Day we encourage all AOLers to celebrate the unique insights AOLers offer. Their roots. Their passions. Everything that makes AOLers unique. AOL Identity Day is a cultural change agent empowering our talent to feel comfortable and confident in participating in building brands people love.