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Taking VR for a Thrilling Spin

David Burrick - GM, Autoblog and Moviefone

Autoblog is the expert in all things automotive, whether you’re in the market to buy a car or a major enthusiast. For enthusiasts, Autoblog shifts their content into high gear with content that’s as cutting-edge as the cars they’re covering. These car lovers crave content that educates them about new innovations in the industry, and David’s team is leaning in to that need for speed with AutoblogVR. This next-level virtual reality experience revvs up a 360-degree view from behind the wheel of exotics like the Lamborghini Huracan, or takes fans on pulse-pounding drives like the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb. With their smartphones, fans can take the pulse-revving experience wherever they go. It’s all the wheel-geek detail on specs and features in a format that’s as entertaining as it gets.